24 May 2013

week ten [results/winner]

Photo credit: ABC
2 hour finale tonight!

The winner will be revealed. Cant wait to see who it is! #teamkellie
Another great Pitbull song. You hear “dale” in the song with some Spanish and you know who is singing it. Lol

Wynona arrives on the Segway again that’s badass! The big group dance is so amazing! I love seeing everyone together and dancing together! I love Lacey Schwimmer she choreographed the intro dance.
I wish I was there right now! Every single season 16 dancer is there. I'm sad I live 2000 miles away. Like seriously depressed right now to know there is a huge party there and I'm here sitting at home by myself.
All shows are ending this week. Its so sad.

Kellie and Derek perform the encore dance. Yes I was hoping they would be chosen! I voted for them! Even though they didn’t Include any more dancers to their performance, they still had a super size emotional dance. I mean that’s the best dance I have ever seen in my life.

Here we go…

Photo credit: ABC
Fourth place goes to aly and mark. Awww omg I really didn’t expect that at all. She was my second favorite after Kellie. I thought she would make it to the top two. Come one people! Aw im sad right now. Abc.com votes weren’t counted for any couple because the site was acting up last night and I hope she didn’t lose because of the possibility of having many abc.com votes. I cant believe they were eliminated before Jacoby. Completely shocked and speechless.

Wynona is back… performing a song! I love it. Great song. Tony and Peta dance along the song.
My favorite dance by Lisa and Gleb! Len cuts in to dance with Lisa. That’s so awesome!
Photo credit: ABC
Dorothy’s back dancing! Unfortunately Tristan has an injury and is unable to dance with her, Henry dances with her instead. I have missed seeing Dorothy on the show. Kristy Yamaguchi dances alongside Dorothy! That’s so sweet! This finale keeps getting better and more exciting! I really wish I was there…

Andy and Sharna dance their Alice In Wonderland dance. He's so funny. Crazy face time! I love it.

Photo credit: ABC
Psy performs his new song and I'm betting his new dance will catch on quickly. Like Gangham Style. I love that Gangham Style is ridiculously popular and we don’t even know what he is singing. Bahaha. I’ll have to Google translate it. 
Maybe Sean should be a backup dancer. Ha. Here he is with other cast members background dancing with Psy. It was fun to watch. 

Sean is standing next to Aly in the audience but where is Catherine?

I love all the flashbacks of past contestants of this season.

Photo credit: ABC
Pitbull performs and I love him and his energetic songs but I’m not feeling this one too much. I believe Aly and Mark danced to it once and I commented on it. Didn’t know it was Pitbull singing it. Well there we go, Brooke just confirmed what I just said about Aly. Latin Night was so much fun!

Last dances of the season are performed. #Sad.
Jacoby and Karina dance their last dance first. They perform the instant salsa and there’s Jacoby again with the purple outfit. Ha. Their final score is 30.

Kellie and Derek perform the Instant Jive for their last dance. Wonderful job as always. Wow there you go Kellie! Getting compared to Derek’s sister Julianne. And Len is on his way to becoming the next Dr. Seuss if he keeps up his rhyming. Ha. I will miss them on this show the most. Their final score is a 30.

Zendaya and Val dance the absolute last dance of this season. They dance the Instant Jive. They rocked it. Like rockin robin. It was great. Their final score is 30. Every couple got a perfect score. No more dancing until next season.

Now we see Sean sitting next to Kristy and Wynona. Where is Catherine I ask again.
Pitbull’s “Feel this moment” is sung by Jessica Sanchez while the final three couples stand in the back awaiting their results. She sung it beautifully.

The results! Here we go! In third place… Jacoby and Karina. Well that was a fun package of Jacoby’s face makings! He did entertain me with his facial expressions I will give him that.

Photo credit: ABC
And it’s exactly what I predicted: Kellie and Zendaya are the final two. Aahh omg it’s so nervewracking! Who will win the mirror ball trophy? A country singer or a sixteen year old Disney star? I feel the blood bubbling in me. Is that weird? I’m that excited. I wonder how they are feeling probably one hundred times more anxious. I’m so hopeful for Kellie to win. It’s so close! Both are extremely talented dancers.

The winners of season sixteen who take the mirror ball trophy are… 

Photo credit: ABC
Photo credit: ABC
Kellie and Derek!!!!!! 
A big congratulations to both of you! You have come so far and it was a pleasure watching you on the show. I will definitely miss seeing you dance. Incredible job!!! I seriously just jumped up and down like twenty times while screaming and clapping for joy that they won. A victory dance in their honor followed. I mean it was crazy over here you did not want to see. Bahaha. I would have done the same if I was at the show. And after that I would have ran so fast to them to give them a humongous hug.(or at least attempted) Best of luck for your futures Kellie and Derek and best wishes! Xoxoxo.

It has been an incredible journey watching all the couples dance and grow. Good job to all! Onto season seventeen!

Until next time…

22 May 2013

week ten [finals]

Photo credit: ABC
FINALS! I can’t believe it’s here! This truly was a fantastic dancing season. I loved every minute of it!

Len drops in on Jacoby and Karina’s rehearsal to fix Jacoby’s footwork. It was all great fun.

Photo credit: ABC
Jacoby likes purple. He has worn a purple outfit several times on the show. And of course they have to end their dance on the judge’s table. I mean duh we expect them to. They dance the Jive and get a 27 Bruno didn’t know what cleats were. Ha.

Already saw Victor in the audience!

Bruno helps out Aly in rehearsals. Love love love their song they dance to! Aly and Mark dance the Quickstep. Great dance. The judges give them a total score of 28. I was a little surprised by that, I thought they would get a 30. Still a job well done.

It’s Kellie and Derek time! They dance the Quickstep and Len stops by to see what they’re up to in rehearsal. Why do they have to wear the same outfits as when they danced it last time? Great dance, great judge comments, great everything! Len’s “nobbly bits” advice cracked me up. They get a perfect 30. Go Kellie and Derek it’s your birthday uh huh work it! BAM. They have to win! [it was actually Derek's birthda lol] Happy birthday Derek!! xo
Photo credit: ABC
Carrie Ann visits Zendaya and Val during their rehearsal. The judges chose the Samba for them to perform. Kellie has a great fan base but Zendaya being a Disney star maybe has a greater fan base. This makes me a little worried for Kellie. We will see tomorrow during the results. Zendaya and Val get a total score of 30.

Relay race... I mean dance time!

All finalists dance the Cha Cha in one performance, one couple after another. It’s very fun to watch. I felt like Zendaya and Val dance the longest than the others. First place gets five points, second place gets four points and so on. The judges award Jacoby and Karina two points; Aly and Mark three points; Kellie and Derek four points; and Zendaya and Val five points.

Super-size freestyle is next and it will be awesome.
“Spray tan traffic zone”. Hahaha Tom. This will be fun. 

Jacoby and Karina invite a whole lot of dancers from New Orleans to perform with them. It’s a party now! They got kids and all! The little girls are so adorable in their costumes and with their hair done. #precious. It was an exciting dance to watch. They get a 27 for their dance. No improvement from the earlier dance.
Aly and Mark use Aly’s gymnastics in their performance. And pole dancing. Oh gosh. Boyfriend is good on the pole! Does he have a secret hobby we don’t know about? Lol. Their dance is so energetic and fun to watch. They’re working the poles! Fabulous job! I loved it, the judges loved it and they get a perfect score.

Photo credit: ABC
Kellie and Derek dance next. They dance by themselves but their performance was amazing!!!! Oh em gee I can’t believe what I just saw. Their best dance ever I’m so happy for them. They really work hard and they deserve to win! I hope they win! I mean everyone has been working hard and are well deserving but I have a special place in my heart for Kellie and I really want her to win the mirror ball. They get a perfect score. Len wanted to give an eleven and I agree. It was a beautiful dance. #EncoreKellie!!!

And finally, Zendaya and Val perform the super-size freestyle. Also with kids. They are like seven years old it looks like. Aww so cute. I like that Zendaya is mixing hip hop with cha cha and contemporary all in one performance. Justin Bieber!!! Yes! Finally someone dances to one of his songs on this show. And what a great song choice I absolutely love it! The entire thing was amazingly choreographed and performed. Wonderful job to all! Zendaya and Val get a perfect score of 30.

Photo credit: ABC
Voting on ABC.com is down. Thank you Brooke for confirming this I was about to get so mad that I can’t vote for my favorite. I thought it was only my browser but it’s not. I can still vote on Facebook and calling in so that’s good. 

Good luck to all couples!

Kellie vs. Zendaya vs. Aly vs. Jacoby. Who will win the Mirror Ball trophy and be season sixteen’s champion?

Until next time…


15 May 2013

week nine [performances]

Five couples remain, but only four will go to the finals.
Photo credit: ABC
Dancing first is Kellie and Derek. The Argentine Tango is always fun to watch and they danced it wonderfully. Loved the beginning silhouette part of the dance. Not a fan of Kellie with dark hair though. Keep your blonde hair!

Photo credit: ABC
Sean is in the audience! Sitting next to the one and only other blonde ex-contestant from the show, Andy Dick, with his daughter. Catherine was also there with Sean. She doesn’t have to sit by herself in the audience anymore. Ha. I was hoping to see Sean in the audience this week.

Side note: what up with ABC changing their player online? It surprised me. But I like it. It’s larger and doesn't freeze. Yay for updates!

Okay back to Kellie and Derek. The judges all give tens and it’s a perfect 30 for Kellie’s first time this season. Congratulations girlfriend! 
Ingo and Kym dance the Samba next. Always the good news before the bad. And you can tell the bad is coming when you hear things like “I love your determination…” or “I know you put so much work into it…” and then you get the million bad things you did wrong and a score of 24. But that’s not so bad. It’s not tens but it’s also not sevens. I enjoyed their dance.

Aly and Mark dance next and first is the Rumba but I can’t wait to see their Afro Jazz dance. Like what the heck is that?! Haha I’m curious. Her rumba was amazing. I felt the emotion in it and she did a fabulous job. They get a perfect 30, their first of the season. Great job!

Again we see Sean and Andy in the audience. But we see no pants on Andy. Why?

Jacoby is next to dance the Tango. I like watching the rehearsal packages but I hate watching Jacoby’s. He always has some sort of negative attitude and curses all the time. I’m so sick of it. I almost want to grab the remote and change the channel for about three minutes until his dance is over. Not a fan of his at all. I wish Sean was there in his place. Carrie Ann got all hot and bothered over the judges table and did a weird dance. Oh em gee. Really? Didn’t want to see that. And they get a 30.

Photo credit: ABC
And last but not least is Zendaya and Val’s Quickstep dance. As race car drivers apparently. Very cute. Dang that’s about the quickest quickstep I have ever seen! It was hard to keep up with them. My eyes hurt. But nice job guys! And I found their outfits interesting. I liked that her was yellow with a black stripe and his was black with a yellow stripe. Yeah, I know. I’m a dork that finds stuff like that cool. Sue me.  “Did you have rocket fuel for breakfast?” Asks Bruno. Haha seriously! It was majorly energetic and fun. I guess because it was super fast, I missed all her mistakes but the judges didn’t and gave them a score of 25. Which is only one point better than Ingo and Kym…

First dances are complete and time for second dances. The Twitterverse chose each couple’s dance last week and now it’s that time for each couple to perform those dances.

Photo credit: ABC
First up… Kellie and Derek’s “flay-menco”. Flamingo not included. Ha. Derek brought tap dance back! Nice! And the full flip at the end of the dance was badass. I mean seriously badass. How he can flip her 360 degrees around while she stays straight as a pencil is beyond amazing. I haven’t loved watching anyone dance more than Kellie since Shawn on season fifteen. Now I have two favorites! Oh wow that was messed up. Bruno held up the ten paddle when he meant nine. I was like whoa, hold up, what?! He said nine but help up ten? What’s happening right now?! So the total score is 28 for Kellie and Derek. Not bad for a skinny little lady wearing a five thousand pound dress. Not bad at all.

All stars have stories that have emotional moments at some points. This makes me wonder what Sean’s story would be. Recalling everything I have learned about him and his family I would say his story wouldn’t have one ounce of sadness in it. Everything would be happy about it, which isn’t bad it’s just what is expected. Happy and supportive family, parents married forever, has a fiancé, had a good childhood, etc. Sort of boring, but a fairytale story that everyone wants.

Photo credit: ABC
Ingo and Kym’s Charleston is next. I totally love it. The special effects blow me away every time. It’s like I’m in the twenties watching them dance on my television set. It was so fun to watch. Bingo Ingo! Yet again! They get a score of 27 for their performance. Nice job!

Oh geez what’s next?! Aly and Mark’s Afro Jazz. I’m excited. Bring it. Judging from their outfits it’s gonna be craazyyy! Oh I am loving this even before they begin dancing. They are just sitting in the audience looking creepy. Aly’s facial expression… worries me a little. It’s like a I-know-your-secret type look. Omg nooo waaayyy! That dance was so exciting! Like, I was freaking out the whole time. I didn’t know what was happening. It was that awesome to watch. Aly rocked it! For sure. It was the best dance style that ever happened on this show. It should become a regular. The judges give them a total score of 29. Whoo great job!

Photo credit: ABC
The dance next to Afro Jazz that I was most excited to see was the Lindy Hop. Preferably danced by Sean and Peta but they aren’t here sadly. So I guess I will have to watch Jacoby and Karina perform it. Not so excited anymore. Do they have to jump and dance on the judge’s table? What’s up with that? It’s like their third time or something doing that. I didn’t see anyone else doing that. Why is that even allowed? If I was a judge sitting there and someone did that I wouldn’t like it very much. They get a 29.

Photo credit: ABC
Desiree!!! What?? What is she doing there? Hahaha did not expect that. Oooh her season is coming on air soon which means she chose her fiancé already and I’m excited to see who she picked. Can’t wait for the new bachelorette season to start! I wonder how far she sat away from Sean and Catherine in the audience… awkward…

Lastly finishing up the night it’s Val’s hilarious attempt at hip hop dancing. Sorry Val but your rehearsal package was so funny. Like Zendaya’s teacher said, “You in Zendaya’s world now. And you can’t smile like that.” Lmao! And we learn she was supposed to be a boy. Very interesting. Wow yeah just as we all expected, Zendaya knocked it out of the park. Hip hop is her comfort zone and she grew up dancing it. Val… um couldn’t exactly keep up with her. 
Photo credit: ABC
Not a bad job but not a great job either. The roles reversed and now she is the pro and he is the star. And if he were being judged… he wouldn’t do well in the scoring department. She was too quick with the movements. But it’s all good because he’s never danced hip hop before and best of all he isn’t being judged. They get a 30. If bonus points were possible to be awarded and get a higher score than 30, they would get all the points above 30. Duh it’s Zendaya and hip hop. She has only been dancing it for eight years.

This week’s couple rankings:
Tied for first place: Aly and Jacoby with 59 total points. Whoa what?!
Second place: Kellie with 58 total points.
Third place: Zendaya with 54 points.
Fourth place: Ingo with 51 points.

Five couples remain, one will leave this week. The rest will have a spot in next week’s finals. I can’t believe it’s over next week! Geez. 

Until next time…

All images are screenshots of the show taken by me (not taken from anywhere on the internet). However credit is still given to ABC for having the show available to watch online.

09 May 2013

week eight [results]

It's the quarter-finals results!
Who is going to the semi-finals? Let us find out...

+The first couple safe is Ingo and Kym. Wow. Big shocker! I was as surprised as they were. Thought they would be going home tonight. Guess not. Now I’m scared to find out who is eliminated tonight.

Photo credit: ABC
-The first couple in jeopardy is Kellie and Derek. … WHAAAATTTTT!!!!!! Is this a joke? No seriously dwts, are you playing a late April Fool’s joke on me? How is this possible? Something is wrong with the world right now. (Actually many things are wrong with the world). But something is extra wrong here that Kellie is in the bottom three.

Zendaya, Val and Gleb dance the encore tonight. I have to listen to their weird song again? Ugh where are my earplugs?

+The next couple who will be dancing in the semi-finals is Zendaya and Val. Of course.
-Jacoby and Karina are in jeopardy. One more spot left for the jeopardy spot. Who will it be? I have an idea. How about you?

The Jason guy sort of looks like Chris Brown. Sounds and dances like him too. Sucks about the neck injury but glad he is doing well. I like his song, it’s very fun and great to dance to.

The dance styles we voted for on Twitter for the couples to perform will be announced shortly. A Kay commercial break while we wait.

>Kellie and Derek’s dance will be Flamenco. Bahaha dance style that Kellie can’t pronounce they have to dance. “Flay-menco”. Kellie is hysterical! Sometimes I wonder if she mispronounces things on purpose to be funny. Keep doing it girl, it’s good stuff.
>Ingo and Kym have to dance the Charleston next week.
>Zendaya and Val dance what she knows best… hip hop. She will own it. Bet she is relieved.
>Sean and Peta have to dance Disco. Aww that sucks I wanted them to dance the Lindy Hop. Len said on week three that they danced the Lindy Hop more than the dance they were supposed to dance so I was really excited when this dance style was an available choice of dances. But I guess I have to watch someone else dance it. (Wow I just said dance eight times. Sorry).
>Aly and Mark have to dance Afro Jazz. What the heck is that?! I guess we will all find out next week. Maybe I’ll Google it right now. It’s the curiosity in me that can’t wait until next week.
>Jacoby and Karina get the Lindy Hop. Dang.

Photo credit: ABC
Peanut has a segment on the show. He is too cute. He has become quite the little celebrity on the show and he doesn’t even have to dance. What a handsome little fella.

Derek’s Stars of Dance performance is beyond words. I mean how does that happen? I would like to know. How does one defy gravity like that? It absolutely took my breath away. Bravo! Wow it was so great! Like I said: Derek = phenomenal. Absolutely amazing. 

Carrie (Leah Remini) is in the audience! I love this. She is so funny on King of Queens.

+The next couple going to the semi-finals is Aly and Mark.
-Sean and Peta are in jeopardy again.

Let me get this straight… Carrie Ann tells Aly she is flat footed and lost the music but she gets nines. And Sean gets told he lost his footwork and the music and gets all sevens. Now tell me how fair that is. The judges have a favorite and it’s not Sean. When they are watching him dance they are always looking for what he’s doing wrong and not looking at the dance as a whole. They stick with “you lost your footwork” and “watch your frame” week after week. Sean really deserved at least one nine for his trio dance.

It’s Sean vs Jacoby vs Kellie.
Photo credit: ABC

+The couple that is safe and going on to semi-finals is... Kellie and Derek.
-Jacoby and Sean are in the bottom two. 
Please don’t let Sean go home!

-The couple eliminated tonight is Sean and Peta. Damn it. The judges sure were happy. Damn it America! Where was your support?? Where?? Damn you all. Sean did a great job he deserved to be around for one more week. Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn. [Seven damns for Sean's score of seven he kept getting]. dxf$#$&7@$hd;nf*&7#% !!! No dancing Disco for you guys next week. #sad

Bye Sean :( I guess there’s nothing left to do but go back to Texas and be a regular guy again. (sort of). Enjoy your life with Catherine, your journey [without tv] begins now. I will miss you on my tv screen. Good luck with everything! Many hugs!

Next week… it’s Jacoby’s time to go. It should have been tonight (or last week) but whatever.

Until next time…

All images are screenshots of the show taken by me (not taken from anywhere on the internet). However credit is still given to ABC for having the show available to watch online.

07 May 2013

week eight [performances]

Here we go week eight! Let’s see what you got!

Val and Zendaya dance the fox trot. It was a great performance and her dress is cute but to me it feels like she is always great and every week I’m not seeing anything new and better. The judges say the same things about her. Which is great for her, she is a good dancer, but not my favorite. They get a 28. Another ten from Len!
Photo credit: ABC
Sean and Peta dance the Tango to the song Hot and Cold. Hahaha love it! What are the judges seeing that I’m not seeing? Because I thought they did a fantastic job. Their footwork was in sync and no hand flips were happening. Everything was great, I’m confused as to why the judges were so hard on them. Just what I thought the score would be: 21. They so deserve a higher score! Don’t they get that men can’t dance like women? If the roles were switched to where Sean was the pro and Peta was the star and she was being judged, the judges would give them eights at least if not higher. Because skinny, flexible women can dance more elegantly than men. It’s just a fact. Sean did a great job and his fans, all of his fans, need to vote for him this week. Use all votes and help him through to next week!

Jacoby and Karina dance the Viennese Waltz.  Jacoby’s mom. She is so cute. They get a 27.

Ingo and Kym dance the fox trot. Oh and their song has hit jackpot. For sure my favorite of the night. I don’t even have to hear the rest of them. They get a 24.

Kellie and Derek dance the Viennese Waltz. Derek is truly a phenomenal choreographer. Everything he does is incredible. And that is why he is my favorite. Their dance is wonderful as always. They get a 28. Great job!

Wrapping up round one are Aly and Mark. They dance the Argentine Tango and get a 28.

Round one complete. Round two commence.

The Trio Dance.

First up… Zendaya and Val. And Gleb. Gleeeeeeeb is back! They dance the Salsa with very interesting music. It was a great dance with cute outfits. They get the perfect score of 30 of the season. Shocking? Heavens no!

Sean and Peta chose Karina to join their dance. Their dance is magic show themed. Love it! Magic for Bachelors. Haha cute. Oh there’s Andy in the audience. 
Photo credit: ABC
Photo credit: ABC
Sean did an even better job on this dance than his last one and the judges gave the same bad remarks as well as a score of 21. Again. I don’t get it!!! What are they seeing that I’m not seeing?? I specifically watched only Sean’s feet this time and they were spot on and in sync with the girls.

Photo credit: ABC
I want to ask the judges to rewatch Sean's dance and point out exactly where he messed up, I would really like to see because when I watch and pause they are all in the same exact pose. Explain to me where he lost his footwork. I bet you can't or are going to try and make up some bullshit. He deserved all nines, or at least all eights and one nine. I'm very angry and confused. #EpicJudgeFail. If there is a paddle with a zero on it, I give the judges all zeroes. I mean, if the performance sucked and I saw the whole thing crumble down to pieces I would be fine with the score they received. I am just outraged because I didn't see any mistakes and believe me I rewatched and paused at least twenty times. Everything was perfect. 

Jacoby, Karina and Cheryl dance the Paso Doble. It was an entertaining dance to watch. Not as entertaining as Sean’s was but still watchable. The judges give them a 25.

Lindsay’s back! I missed her. She is dancing with Ingo and Kym. Cute [and pink] dance but if anyone’s footwork needs fixing it’s Ingo’s. Bet the judges won’t say anything about it. Just watch. Yep. Just what I thought. The judges loved it. They must really dislike Sean. Or am I missing something? Am I watching a different show than they are? Maybe I’m on drugs and hallucinating. Those are the only reasons I can come up with why the judges give Ingo better scores than Sean.

Photo credit: ABC
Kellie and Derek dance the Paso Doble with Tristan. Oh snap Derek stole Tristan from Sean! Team Kellie loves to dance in smoke apparently. For several dances the smoke appeared. I loved the performance. And I loved Kellie's dress change from white to black. Her emotion was so great to watch. She always does a wonderful job. Derek is a phenomenal choreographer. The music and lighting were so cool . 
Photo credit: ABC
Oh daaaaamn unleash Len! I have never seen him react this way! Calmate Señor! Did you have a bad experience with lights and crashing music in one point of your life to be this angry? He gives Kellie a seven while Bruno and Carrie Ann give tens which is a total of 27. Oh man what excitement. I want to rewatch Len’s reaction again. And again. And again. All Derek can do is laugh at what Len is saying. Then he got mad at Bruno for some reason. It was all fun to watch. Definitely the best moment in the entire show. [Tom says to Kellie and Derek]: "Why don't you get up there where it's safer and everyone's on their meds." Omg Tom you crack me up. Meds. Oh geez. What a night. 

Aly and Mark featuring Henry dance the Jive. I really loved their outfits and the performance was great. The judges give them a 27. They give bad reviews to her and yet give all nines. I think they are afraid to give them lower scores than usual. Not afraid to dish sevens to Sean though. WTF is all I have to say.

Well there it is. All dances have been performed for the night.

Zendaya and Val are at the top with 58 points while Sean and Peta are at the bottom with 42 points. Come on people please please vote for Sean!!! Regardless of the judges bad scores, Sean did a great job! And I say that honestly and wholeheartedly. Even if I was not a Bachelor fan and have never seen Sean on tv before I would still think he did a fabulous job and would 100% vote for him. I ask that you do the same. He is working very hard and his footwork and frame are good.

That’s all folks! Vote for Sean and Peta please!

Until next time…

All images are screenshots of the show taken by me (not taken from anywhere on the internet). However credit is still given to ABC for having the show available to watch online.

02 May 2013

week seven [results]

Here we go week seven! The people have voted.
Let’s begin.

Kellie and Derek won immunity last night so they cannot be voted off.

Photo credit: ABC
+Zendaya and Val are first to be safe.
-Jacoby and Karina are first in jeopardy. Wait, what? Really? That's surprising.
+Aly and Mark are safe.
-Ingo & Kym are in jeopardy with Jacoby & Karina.

The Macy’s Stars of Dance performance was amazing like always as well as the Spotlight performance. The girls did a fantastic job.

Sean vs Andy for the last jeopardy spot. Who will it be? [Suspenseful music]

Dun. Dun. Duuuun.

Photo credit: ABC
++SEAN IS SAAAAAFE! Yes that’s how team murgalo rolls! Not even in bottom three this week. Ooohhh yeeaahhh. Sean deserved it he danced great last night!

+Next couple safe is Jacoby and Karina!
-Ingo and Andy are this week’s bottom two.

-Andy and Sharna are eliminated. They saw it coming. Aw he is crying. I will miss his humor. Godspeed Andy.

Onto week eight!

Until next time…

Wow that was the shortest blog ever. But usually the results show blogs are. 

All images are screenshots of the show taken by me (not taken from anywhere on the internet). However credit is still given to ABC for having the show available to watch online.

30 April 2013

week seven [performances]


Jacoby and Karina dance the Salsa to the song “Danza Kuduro”. WOW YES! I busted out dancing the second this song started playing! They get three nines that makes a total of 27. Nice job!

Ingo and Kym dance the Rumba to the song “Maria, Maria”. GREAT SONG! They get a 22.

Bahahaha Tom is so funny! He cracks me up. “Bruno just lost his paddle along with his marbles he lost in season one.” Clever, clever.

Photo credit: ABC
Photo credit: ABC
Kellie and Derek dance the Samba to the song “shake your bon bon”. They always do very well no matter what their schedule is. I love Kellie’s outfit! So cute! They get a 29. Another ten from Len! And Bruno! Wonderful job!

Andy and Sharna dance the Rumba. It was a cute dance. I absolutely love Bruno’s blue suit. That’s the perfect shade of blue. So pretty. And since we’re talking about clothes, Andy’s yellow vest is badass. Another perfect shade. The judges rip on him and the performance and give them a 17. OUCH! Wow that totally shocked me I can’t even imagina how shocked Andy was. Being week seven I thought scores less than seven were done with. Guess not. Wow…. I think the judges are too hard on him and I think if it were Kellie dancing poorly she would have gotten sevens (at least, if not eights) instead of sixes.

Aly and Mark dance the Salsa to a very odd song that actually almost made my ears bleed. It was a wtf song. I didn’t know what to do. And Carrie Ann has left the building. What is wrong with everyone tonight? Also I did not at all like Aly’s dress. Another wtf moment. Mark almost didn’t dance tonight due to a back injury but he felt better to dance so that’s good. They get a score of 29 which makes them tied with Kellie and Derek.

Photo credit: ABC
Sean and Peta dance the Rumba to the song “Hero”. Love this song!  Catherine joined them in rehearsal to get Sean’s romance emotions. Love Peta’s dress. So pretty! I loved the dance and definitely nine material. Great, great job guys!!! “50 shades of Sean” ah Bruno you’re awesome! A very sweet birthday shout out to Catherine on live tv. Very cute. Happy birthday Catherine!! (even though I already wished you a happy birthday via twitter in four languages, I’m saying it here too). The judges give them eights (whaaat?) which is a total of 24. Now that really surprised me. I thought for sure at least one judge would give them a nine. Carrie Ann said Sean did everything right and yet gave him an eight. It doesn’t make sense. What the heck does the guy have to do to get a nine?? Come on!

Zendaya and Val dance the Paso Doble. I like her dress. Love watching their facial expressions. Great emotion! Good performance. All judges had something to say that she did wrong but I bet they will give them nines. Just watch. [a minute later] yep. Exactly what I thought. All nines. Again, if it were Andy dancing, he would have gotten sevens on this dance.

Photo credit: ABC
Kellie and Derek win immunity! They are safe this week and go on to week eight. Sweet!

La Camisa Negra (the black shirt) is performed. A song about a black shirt. That's nice. Moving on.

Round two: the dance-off.

This should be interesting.

Andy & Sharna dance the Cha Cha against Aly and Mark. I love that Andy was taking forever to decide which dance to do. That was funny. Aly and Mark win and get three more points.

Much respect for Val for choosing, like he said, “someone of our size”. Aly and Mark pushed the easy button when they chose Andy and Sharna. We all knew they were easy to beat. Val and Zendaya dance the Jive against Jacoby and  Karina. I think the Jive is Zendaya’s best dance style, she gives it 100% and is flawless with every step she takes. Lovely job! Also Jacoby and Karina did a great job. This is gonna be close! “To be the best you have to challenge the best.” Well said Val! I completely agree. Val and Zen win the dance off. Thank you, Carrie Ann, for confirming my thoughts about Val choosing a strong competitor and not an easy out.

Photo credit: ABC
Omg that kinda sucks for Sean and Peta. They just danced the Rumba and now they have to dance it again against Ingo and Kym. I really hope Sean and Peta win this dance off. They need to win!!! Two great performances but Sean danced better. This will be the closest competition yet! Sean, Sean, Sean! 
[two minutes later] F**k. That’s all kinds of wrong. How is Ingo better than Sean? Please enlighten me someone! At least Bruno agreed with me, he voted for Sean and Peta to win the dance off.

The night is over. Tomorrow are the results. See ya then.


All images are screenshots of the show taken by me (not taken from anywhere on the internet). However credit is still given to ABC for having the show available to watch online.

24 April 2013

week six [results]

The results are in! Week six is here!

+Kellie and Derek are safe.
+Aly and Mark are safe as well.
+Zendaya and Val are safe. Duh.
-Sean and Peta are the first in jeopardy. Kinda knew it. Hope they don’t go home!!  Andy and Victor have to go home before Sean!

“When you’re moving, everything is groovy” That’s my favorite line of the whole song! Ha.
 Will. I. Am. performs and it’s awesome! Now it’s a party.

Ingo actually named his son Peanut? Like it’s his legit name on his birth certificate? How is that kid ever going to get a job with that name? It’s a cute nickname but as an actual name not so cute.
+Ingo and Kym are safe by the way.

Photo credit: ABC
Another performance by the Macy’s Stars of Dance tonight. Not feeling the song. In fact I hate it with everything in me. But their dance is awesome, like always. It was entertaining to watch. 
They are so good!

-Victor and Lindsay are in jeopardy with Sean and Peta.
-Andy and Sharna are in jeopardy. Andy already knew this. He expects it every week. That’s not quite the right attitude but okay.
+Jacoby and Karina are safe.

It’s Sean & Peta vs. Victor & Lindsay vs. Andy & Sharna in the bottom three. Who will go home tonight?
+Andy and Sharna are safe I didn’t expect this!

Photo credit: ABC
Sean and Peta are in the bottom two! Nooooo! This might be the end of Sean on DWTS. That look on Peta's face is exactly what I looked like waiting for the results. (Except more so)

Two very long and anxious minutes later...

-Victor and Lindsay are eliminated. I'm very sad. I thought Andy would leave before them. I will miss Lindsay’s beautiful dresses.

“I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder plays at the end of the show. I absolutely love that song!

Even though I’m sad to see Lindsay and Victor go, I am glad Sean and Peta made it to next week!

Next week is Latin Night! I love Latin! Only seven couples remain. 

Until next time...

All images are screenshots of the show taken by me (not taken from anywhere on the internet). However credit is still given to ABC for having the show available to watch online.

DWTS week six [performances]

Photo credit: ABC

It’s Stevie Wonder night on dwts! It’s gonna be a good night. Stevie Wonder is phenomenal I love all his songs so I’m really excited for tonight show!

Val and Zendaya dance first and get a 29.
Andy and Sharna dance next and get an 18.

Sean and Peta dance the samba and get a 21. Get an ipod Carrie Ann? Really? That was an unnecessary comment. 
Photo credit: ABC
But he went shirtless!! The minute I saw his outfit I figured he would take it off. Peta said in week one they would take off the shirt when they needed to. It only took six weeks… But now all you need to do is dance better and get lots of nines and tens in the coming weeks. So practice the hardest you have ever practiced! I want to see you go far.

Aly and Mark dance the fox trot and get a 27. Omg no wonder Aly was feeling so down. She was supposed to be at the Boston marathon. Totally understandable. That event was so horrible and sad that I don’t know if I would have been able to keep myself together if I was in her shoes. Her dress is gorgeous (so glittery) and the song fits perfectly. I love that song! Her performance was wonderful. 

Ingo and Kym dance the tango and get a 24. It's also Ingo's birthday. Happy birthday! His son is so adorable! "I'll see you at the after party!" Haha awww. 
Photo credit: ABC
Kellie and Derek dance the quick step and get a 29. BAAAAM!! Their rehearsal package was so funny! And Kellie’s fake hair looked awesome! Doesn’t she resemble Shawn Johnson this week? I think so. And oh snap Len gives his first ten to them! That’s amazing! Great job guys! Kellie's red pants outfit was so pretty and so elegant.  

Photo credit: ABC
Victor and Lindsay dance the rumba. Omg I absolutely love the song they danced to! Best of the night! “I just called to say I love you!!” And Lindsay’s dress once again steals my heart. It resembles a Greek goddess dress. So pretty! As always. They get an 18 and I'm sorry to say this but that score is rather generous because Victor did not do any dance moves during that entire performance. He just followed Lindsay around and watched as she did her dance. I have to agree with Bruno. I love you guys but that dance was not good. That's unfortunate because that could have been a great dance if it was performed well. 

Jacoby and Karina dance the quick step and get a 23. Karina’s dress is very pretty and the right shade of yellow. I liked that they went into the audience to dance. That was fun. And oh geez Jacoby is hella funny. He should be a comedian.

My Cherie Amor. I just died. It’s one of my favorite songs. Lots of French songs on this show. Ha love it.

Round one is complete. Round two: team dances.
Team Samba vs Team Paso.

Photo credit: ABC
Team Paso’s dance wasn’t interesting. The judges were right on the criticism. What I don’t understand is the scores they gave them. Two 7s and an 8? Are you serious? After all three judges pretty much said everyone sucked? That is way too generous. Whatever.

Team Samba killed it! Two 8s and one 9! BAM! That’s how it’s done! Great, great job guys!

So here is the breakdown:

Tied for first place: Kellie & Derek and Zendaya & Val with 29 points.
Second place: Aly and Mark with 27 points
Third place: Ingo and Kym with 24 points
Fourth place: Jacoby and Karina with 23 points.
Fifth place: Sean and Peta with 21 points.
Tied for sixth place: Victor & Lindsay and Andy & Sharna with 18 points

Tomorrow is the results show. Which couple will go home?

Until next time…

All images are screenshots of the show taken by me (not taken from anywhere on the internet). However credit is still given to ABC for having the show available to watch online.

17 April 2013

DWTS week five [results]

America has voted and the results are in! Which couple will go home tonight?

Photo credit: ABC
Intruders on the moon! Repeat. Dancing intruders on the moon!
The results show opens up by taking the audience to a far away place called the moon. The dance was freaking amazing!

+The first couple safe is Kellie and Derek!
-The first couple in jeopardy is Ingo and Kym.
Photo credit: ABC

When Sean gave Tristan a rose I almost fell off my chair. Sensing a little bromance? First the copying, then the rose giving, what’s next Sean? Ha.

Jacoby got his wish tonight! He and Karina dance the encore. And we get to see him jump magically over Karina again. That will never stop being amazing. I mean she looks like she would be my height (5 feet 5 inches) so he has to jump 5.5 feet without any help. How does one do that?? My breath is taken away and my mind is blown. I am also in love with Anna’s last name: Trebunskaya. That is so fun to say!

+The next couple safe is Zendaya and Val. And Maks looks like a gondola according to his brother. Ha.

Photo credit: ABC
Okay this next segment is freaking hilarious. The time? Three minutes until performance. The place? DWTS backstage. Lindsay was getting last minute touchups and Victor was debating if he should empty out his bladder or not. He decided to empty it. In less than three minutes. That is crazy fast! It was so funny watching his facial expressions and how worried he was that he might pee his pants while dancing and then watch him race to the bathroom. But I think it’s good that he went because if he hadn’t I think he would have been focusing on not wetting his pants and he might have forgotten all of his dance steps. And then everything would be crap. Or he might have just peed his pants but danced well. We will never know. Ha. It was too funny.

-Victor and Lindsay are in jeopardy.

The Band Perry performs. I like their music.

Len gives a nice pep talk to the dancers. It’s very inspiring.
Photo credit: ABC

+Jacoby and Karina are safe.
+Aly and Mark are safe as well!

Aha! I spy Derek stealing Matthew McConaughey’s phrase. “Alright, alright, alright!” Maybe he will forgive you, Derek, if it’s your first offense. Ha.

Next week are team dances and Brooke asked Andy which team, Kellie’s or Zendaya’s, would he want to be. And he replies, “TEAM PICKLER-DICK”. Oh.Em.Gee. That is too funny! Brooke responds, “What… did you just… you can’t say that!!” Rolling on the floor now. Karina is so pretty. I just have to point that out. She is really, really beautiful. 

Another Stars of Dance performance by Macy’s happens and it is a song by Kerli. I love her voice. It is beautiful.

Photo credit: ABC
After Kerli performs, Selena Gomez sings her new song. I love her and all but I did not like that song. Like at all. Sorry Selena. I don’t even think she sang it live. But her outfit was pretty! And I love when the song ended the dancers held their tree pose forever. They didn’t let up at all. And Selena didn’t look too happy.

I’m having a tiny bit of a problem with Sean and Peta calling each other babe. It probably doesn’t mean anything and it’s just a term of endearment but I would be concerned if my fiancé called another girl babe. Just saying. It’s not even a one-time slip, they said it multiple times. Maybe it’s just me who feels that way. Maybe that’s the norm in 2013. What do I know? I’m just a college student in a small city. DL and Cheryl called each other babe too. Whatevs.

Photo credit: ABC
So Tom reveals to everyone that Sean and Catherine’s televised marriage will be aired on ABC in August. Wait hold the phone! I heard it was originally supposed to be in July, then it got pushed back to December, and now it’s in August? That makes no sense! Sean even seemed puzzled. Tom, crack is bad for you. Just fyi. 
                                   This is Sean's confused face --->>>

+”The next couple who is safe… but maybe not with Catherine is… [long pause like we don’t know who] Sean and Peta!” Obviously. Unless someone else on the show has a mate called Catherine, we knew at that point it was Sean safe. Nevertheless, yay!!! Go Sean and Peta! You are continuing to week six. Time to get some nines. Practice hard!

+Andy and Sharna are safe as well. Andy said earlier that they are getting comfortable in the jeopardy box. Well not this week buddy!

-DL and Cheryl are in the bottom three alongside Victor & Lindsay and Ingo & Kym.
+Out of the bottom three, the couple safe is Ingo and Kym.

Victor and Lindsay have been in the bottom two since the beginning. Poor kids.

-DL and Cheryl vs. Victor and Lindsay. Who is going home tonight? [my long pause]…… DL and Cheryl! About time. I was ready for them to leave. Dancing is not his strong suit.

So eight couples remain. Onto week six! Team dances are next week and Stevie Wonder performs.

Until next time…

All images are screenshots of the show taken by me (not taken from anywhere on the internet). However credit is still given to ABC for having the show available to watch online.